Understanding High F


- Episode One: This episode introduced the key concepts of total fertility rate, global and regional differences in total fertility rate and the aim of our study. - Episode two: This episode discussed how we analysed the biological and behavioral determinants of fertility using the revised Bongaarts model in our study - Episode Three: This episode discussed our findings and the actionable recommendations derived from our research study About our guest Chidinma Oli: Chidinma is a public health professional with over 3 years’ experience in population health studies. Her previous research focuses on resolving key gaps in epidemiology, maternal and child health, fertility care and health modeling to provide insights that will boost population health outcomes. She earned her Master’s in Public Health at the University of York, United Kingdom funded by the prestigious Chevening Awards. Recently, she won the Graduate School Opportunity Awards to study for a PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Florida. She is currently a Research Coordinator (North Central Florida) for one of the largest longitudinal studies on brain and child development in the United States.


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