Assessing The Role o


This Podcast series is a discussion on Assessing the role of Trade on the Nexus between Environmental Quality and Energy Use: With Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. - Episode One: Introduction - Episode two: In this episode, we discussed the methodology used in our study to assess the role of Trade on the Nexus between Environmental Quality and Energy Use: - Episode three: Findings and Recommendations from our study; We concluded our discussion with Faruq Quadir on how trade influences the connection between environmental quality and energy usage. About out Guest: Faruq is a seasoned researcher and development policy expert with over a decade working experience in both corporate and public organizations. His policy research experience spans international trade, health and labour economics, and technology. Faruq is currently finalizing (post-field report) his doctoral degree (PhD) in Economics (International Trade) at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in economics. Prior to joining the Institute, he worked as a Research Fellow in Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), and as Research and Policy Associate with Suis Properties Limited, Nigeria. Faruq is equipped with skills and proficiency in building of financial and accounting models for evaluation of capital projects. He is proficient in R, Stata, EViews, and SPSS. He has taught economics, econometrics, international trade, mathematics, statistics and operation research as tutor, instructor, and lecturer at university level in various capacity in Nigeria.


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