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A Review of Sub-National Population Projection

What We Do?

Our interventions in the institute and its schools and centers are focused on three core areas that are vital for productive citizenry and effective public policy.

The Challenges

Substantial competency gaps in all segments of economy and society

  • Weak capacity for evidence generation and evidence-driven policy
  • Weak capacity for effective strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • High levels of skill and competence mismatches vis-à-vis local economies

Our Interventions

Subject-focused schools to develop competencies in

  • Applied microeconomic fields for policy development and analysis
  • Population health fields for healthcare system planning to evaluation
  • Digital economy skills for future-proof productivity and economic mobility

The Challenges

Dearth of credible evidence for policy and planning at all levels

  • Weak information system and knowledge base for planning
  • Lack of harmonized database on interventions and their outcomes
  • Dearth of scientific socio-economic modeling for planning

Our Interventions

Specialized multidisciplinary research centers focused on developing

  • Surveys, information systems and surveillances for learning
  • Scientific evidence using data from programs, surveys and systems
  • Socioeconomic modelling for planning and policy

The Challenges

Weak links between local evidence and policymaking

  • Asymmetry of information and knowledge among stakeholders
  • Weak capacity to translate evidence into policy and programs
  • Poor culture of systematic evidence-based advocacy and engagement

Our Interventions

Stakeholders’ platform (policy, academia development partners, and industry) to

  • Validate findings, disseminate evidence
  • Facilitate common knowledge on development issues and challenges
  • Engage the policy process from a point of common knowledge


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