Lagos state has the potential for full employment being the economic, financial, and commercial nerve center of Nigeria and the ECOWAS, its strategic location on the Atlantic coastline of Nigeria allowing for excellent trade routes and fast development of infrastructure. The presence of water in Lagos state has made many Lagosians have to fend for themselves and most often depend on other sources of water than pipe-borne water to meet their needs because of the inadequate water infrastructure in Lagos due to poor water infrastructure and Utility performance in Lagos State. The Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront and Infrastructure Development, Adesegun Oniru states that “the Eko Atlantic City Project would create 150,000 jobs”. Eko Atlantic is a new coastal city being built on Victoria Island to solve the chronic shortage of real estate in the world’s fastest-growing megacity, it is a focal point for investors capitalizing on rich development growth based on massive demand – and a gateway to emerging markets of the continent.