Helpman was incorporated in Nigeria as “The Helpman Development Institute LTD/GTE” in March 2020 with the mission to strengthen the otherwise tenuous nexus between academia, industry, policy and development support toward improving public policy effectiveness and advancing socio economic development in the country.

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Youth Employability Program


Employability and enterprise development skills for youth (EMED-SKY)

The EMED-SKY program is a 3-month intensive training program that aims to build employability and enterprise development skills among graduates of universities, technical and vocational training (TVET) institutions and skill development and empowerment initiatives. The program will be delivered in four (4) modules comprising: writing and communication, data analytics and business intelligence, workplace digital skills and entrepreneurship development. The modules and their learning objectives are summarized below.

Module No Title Learning Objectives
1 Writing and Communication Advanced modes of formal and inforal verbal communication, informal written and non verbal communication, specialized writing for bussiness and workplace.
2 Data Analytics and Bussiness Intelligence Intricate details of spreadsheet manipulation, how to collect, analyze and visualize data to gain insight, and how to solve complex problems using various data modes.
3 Workplace Digital Skills Advanced Knowlege of the Microsoft Office and Google workplace tools, project management and work place tools, project management and workplace collaboration tools, graphics manipulation tools and critical thinking.
4 Enterpreneurship Development Development of enterpreneurship skills and knowledge through structured training and case studies


The program design is informed by findings from labour market studies and youth entrepreneurship and mentoring initiatives. Apart from job-specific technical skills, graduates from universities and TVET institutions are found to be lacking substantially in communications skills, numeracy and data analysis skills and digital skills. Graduates of vocational skills development and entrepreneurship initiatives are often lacking in business intelligence gathering and data analysis skills, and are thus unable to make persuasive and successful applications for enterprise financing grants and loans

Target Audience

This program is envisioned to be a scale-up of the original HDI internship program. Recent graduates undergoing the mandatory 1-year national service and entrepreneurs previously trained on vocational skills will be the direct beneficiaries of the program.


Mode Seeing how technology has affected education by enabling online learning, building a learning management system (LMS) that offers live classes to trainees and avenues to interact with instructors is the goal. Through the LMS, lectures will be delivered, assessments will be conducted along with other components. The instructors will operate from a central studio.


We are currently engaging stakeholders to bridge the gap between school experiences and labor market demands for youth. Join the EMED-SKY project by committing to take action to address the fundamental barriers that hinders youth from finding decent work and to increase the amount and quality of jobs available to them.